Friday, November 20, 2009

Stupidest Definition of Enterprise Vendor Security by Gartner Analyst

In the blog entry Is Apple an “Enterprise-class Vendor” From a Security Perspective? Nah Gartner Analyst John Pescatore says:
Years ago I did a Research Note on how to quickly judge how serious a vendor was about enterprise security, and I graded lots of vendors. The easy test: go to and see what you find.
He says Apple fails, but that Cisco, Microsoft and others get it - based on his test.

Then he says the test doesn't apply for security vendors because McAfee and CheckPoint fail his test.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Entree on QF1

Entree on QF1, originally uploaded by justinKnol.

Working in the UK for two weeks...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A new MacBook Pro - small, but shiny

Small, but Shiny, originally uploaded by justinKnol.

Monday, November 02, 2009

we all know where this is...

we all know where this is..., originally uploaded by justinKnol.

To succeed you must Let It Go

Gartner Analyst Andrea DiMaio talks about the Critical Success Factor for Government 2.0 in his blog post The Government 2.0 Critical Success Factor Is To Let It Go
I have been reluctant to pick the number one factor, until when during a meeting last Friday, an executive from a federal Canadian agency used the term I had in mind but I had never put on paper. We were discussing how to make content more appealing to citizens using social media, and what the Smithsonian and others have been doing with Flickr, where they push content that can be tagged, classified, augmented by people on line. As I was going through this and other examples, I concluded with what I thought was the common denominator in all success stories so far. Funnily enough, this government executive (a very smart lady, with a long experience in several large agencies, and an enviably open mind) and I used the same term at the same moment, so much so that it almost sounded like a duet: “You have to let go” we both said.
You should read the whole thing...