Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Objectivity launches Federated, Distributed Database Product to the Cloud Computing Environment

A press release - Objectivity, Inc. Becomes the First Company to Bring a Federated, Distributed Database Product to the Cloud Computing Environment:
Objectivity, Inc. is providing a new way for customers to use its unique distributed database, Objectivity/DB, by making a free 60-day evaluation of the product available on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The launch makes Objectivity/DB the first federated, distributed database product accessible in a cloud computing environment.

Cloud computing has rapidly gained popularity as an efficient model for application development, and Objectivity's management team recognized that with Objectivity/DB's flexible architecture, deploying in a cloud environment was a natural progression.

"Launching our product in the cloud represents an exciting step for our company," said Jay Jarrell, Objectivity's president and CEO. "The cloud computing environment is an ideal distribution platform for us to gain new users and increase awareness, and it is also a new way to prove to potential customers that we are the best choice for large-scale, distributed applications."

Developers who want to try Objectivity/DB on Amazon EC2 can access the product via two Linux-based Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with bundled software for both 32 and 64 bit platforms. Both are based on the CentOS 5.2 operating system - a binary-compatible version of RedHat Enterprise Linux. Objectivity/DB images may also be used in other cloud environments, including Savvis, TerreMark, Mosso (RackSpace), and others.
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