Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another Take On Whether Cloud Computing Is Killing Open Source in Government

Gartner's Andrea DiMaio says Is Cloud Computing Killing Open Source in Government?:
But the new buzzword, both in London and in Washington, is cloud computing, and in particular the definition (and – maybe – development) of a government cloud (nicknamed G-cloud). So open source software is certainly losing momentum and political appeal, while cloud computing is gaining press coverage and executive interest.
I think that there is a large body of IT infrastructure folk here in Canberra who are not keen on Open Source platforms - as there is no bum to kick when things go wrong. They'll be more interested in elastic cloud-type services from the same vendors they are comfortable dealing with -witness the Microsoft and IBM cloud offerings.

Combine this with the current trend for centralistion and standardisation of services & I think the first G-cloud (or G-clouds) will be based on vendor cloud platforms. Mail would be my first bet.

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