Friday, May 22, 2009

Loyalty to the Network vs the Organisation

We see this in the way network effects govern the growth of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley's success is external to any particular company's success, and so loyalty is external, too. As AnnaLee Saxenian, author of Regional Advantage, notes, Silicon Valley has in effect become one large, distributed company. People job-hop so frequently that folks 'joke that you can change jobs without changing car pools. Some say they wake up thinking they work for Silicon Valley. Their loyalty is more to advancing technology or to the region than it is to any individual firm.'
I'm not sure how new this is. I've always felt (and said if asked) that I worked 'in' IT, not for the particular organisation that employed me at that moment.  I find it hard to understand folk who describe their career and goals within a single organisation.  

Spending your career working for a single organisation would be an inconceivable limitation to me.

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