Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giant Monster Gamera

Finally I have a copy of Daikaijû Gamera on DVD.  To quote Digital Monster Island:
In the Arctic, an unidentified military airplane is shot down by the U.S. Air Force. The plane was carrying an atomic bomb, which detonates. The explosion releases a giant turtle-like monster from its ancient resting place. The Japanese research ship Chidori Maru is sunk by the creature. The only survivors are Dr. Hidaka (a scientist), Kyoko (his assistant), and Aoyagi (a cameraman). They had gone ashore to an Eskimo village. The Eskimo Chief presents the researchers with an ancient stone tablet carved with enigmatic images of a turtle. He refers to the monster as “The Devil’s envoy: Gamera!”

Meanwhile in Hokkaido, a young boy, Toshio, is scolded by his father and older sister for his obsession with turtles. His father (the keeper of the lighthouse) makes Toshio release his pet turtle Chibi back into the wild. Despite Dr. Hidaka’s prediction that Gamera would soon perish from radioactivity, the monster appears in Hokkaido and demolishes the lighthouse. However, the otherwise destructive monster demonstrates a soft spot for children when he rescues Toshio from falling off of the collapsing structure.

Gamera is less considerate towards the residents of Tokyo, however, when he attacks the city. Military firepower proves useless against the strange creature. Gamera not only breathes flames, he consumes them too! Gamera’s affinity for fire is used to lure him to an island, where the ambitious Z-Plan is being prepared to rid the world of the monster.
I've also added Gamera vs. Giant Demon Beast Jiger to the collection. 

If you've never seen them, seek them out and you will be rewarded.  I got mine here.

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