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Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho

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It seems I'll be in the USA next year about this time of year - and likely to be in Montana, Utah and Idaho.

Any suggestions of suitable tourist/fun stuff to do would be appreciated. Two Adults and 11 year old boy to be amused for about two weeks....

[1] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/25 5:35:54 by Ed Brill
(Ed Brill

funny thing is, I've been everywhere in the US except those three states (and North Dakota). Otherwise I'd help ;)

[2] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/25 7:29:10 by Bruce Currier
(Bruce Currier )

Utah has 6 (I believe) National Parks. I've been to Zion, Bryce Canyon, & Arches. All 3 were fabulous. Here's the website for them { Link }

[3] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/25 16:05:35 by Barry
(Barry )

G'day from Brissie.

My wife and I spent 10 days in Montana a couple of years ago, and it really is "Big Sky Country". I can sum up our trip in 3 words - Fly-fishing, Golf and Wildlife.

We drove from Seattle to Missoula via Coeur d'lane, Idaho, which btw has some great golf courses of its own. We were supposed to join some friend at a cabin in the Glacier National Park, but the road to the park was closed because of severe wild fires. The Glacier National Park is supposed to be spectacular.

Around Missoula we played golf at Mission Valley Golf course ({ Link } checked out the Smoke Jumpers museum ({ Link } did a self drive tour of the National Bison Range ({ Link } as well as doing a days guided fly-fishing on the Clarke Fork river ({ Link } Although we didn't stay there, but we wish we had, check out the Blue Damesel B&B which is located on the banks of the Rock Creek. For that authentic American breakfast experience you should try the Wagon Wheel Cafe and Inn in Drummond, just outside Missoula near the Blue Damesel B&B ({ Link }

From Missoula we drove east to Ennis via Bannock and Virginia city. Bannock is a preserved gold rush ghost town, and Virginia city is a living musuem. Bannock is a bit off the beaten track, but is well worth it. It looks like it did at the at the turn of the 19th century ({ Link } Both towns have a very colourful history and it is was fun visiting them.

Ennis is beautiful, and if it weren't for the severe winters there it is somewhere I'd love to retire to. We stayed at the very hospitable 9T9 Ranch ({ Link } The main reason for visiting Ennis is the fly-fishing. The Madison River is chock-a-block full of trout. We did a days guided fishing on the river, which was awesome. I hate horse riding, but my wife did a trek with a local legend by the name of Johnny France. He is a former sherrif who, in 1984, single-handedly captured a couple of mountain-men who had abducted a girl from the Big Sky resort. The amazing story is captured in his book "Incident at Big Sky" if you are interested.

While in Ennis, we also did a day trip to Yellowstone Nation Park ({ Link } via it's south entrance. Got to see "Ole Faithful" blow off some steam.

It's quite a bit of distance you're planning on covering in 2 weeks, so you probably won't be able to see and do everything, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Make sure you try a buffalo burger, the local montana beer, and watch out for those grizzlies.

[4] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/25 16:34:44 by Barry
( )

Forgot to mention that you should also check whether there are any powwows happening while you are there.

{ Link }

[5] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/28 3:11:06 by Justin Knol
(Justin Knol

thanks guys


[6] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/29 12:31:19 by Danny Davis
(Danny Davis )

oh wow.

i love montana.

make SURE you get to glacier and have at least a day or so to explore, it's sooo glorious.

and if you're there, it's in wyoming, you're also damn close to yellowstone and one MUSN'T miss yellowstone if you are in the area.

I was a Boy Scout whom Roamed all over those parts on trips as a kid,

if you want specific's and the like i'd be happy to help out.

just email.

btw, just found you thru flickr.

killer stuff.

mad props.

shoegazer has some top drawer friends.

[7] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/07/29 15:26:01 by Justin Knol
(Justin Knol

thanks Danny,

i'll drop you a line when the plans are a bit firmer.....



[8] Tourist Advice - Montana, Utah and Idaho
Created 05/08/10 11:09:46 by Ted

I actually just returned from a vacation to Montana, travelling through Utah and Idaho. We stayed on Flathead lake in Montana and had a great time for 5 days. It's near Glacier, so it's a great base to explore from. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding. My 10 year old son had a great time, my 6 year old daughter did as well. Both can't wait to go back.

We drove through Idaho, so can't really recommend anything. other than a really good dinner at Buddy's in Pocatello. We did stay in Park City, Utah for a couple of nights. During summer they offer alpine slides, hiking, mtn biking, Zipline rides at the ski resort. Also, the Olympic park has a bobsled run, but I think the min age was 13.

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