Monday, July 18, 2005

SonyEricsson K750i

Today I bought a new SonyEricsson K750i - the Nokia 6230 gets handed down to the spouse. Now I have a reason to buy OSX Tiger & iSync 2.1 - which supports the K750i.

Update: Amazing news - iSync 1.5 on 10.3.9 supports the K750i (well, it thinks it is a P900). I had just finished pulling some images off the K750i with Bluetooth File Exchange and started iSync to backup some new contacts to dotMac. I was surprised to see the new phone appear in the iSync windows and start to sync. It continued to sync and successfully transferred all contacts and calendar entries to the phone.

Oh happy day....

Perhaps it was the 10.4 box sitting next to the G4 that made it work.....

First sample:
hello K750i

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