Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Lotus Workplace - More Frequently Asked Questions

Ed refers us to this FAQ that is being constructed for Lotus Workplace. It is has a fair amount of marketing-speak (ie non-content), but also has a some useful information.

Below are my suggestions for some additional questions. What other questions do you have?

Q. Are the only applications I can deploy on Lotus Workplace those that have been resurfaced through a portlet or built with Workplace Designer?

Q. Lotus Domino supports server clustering and failover. Are these capabilites available in Lotus Workplace?

Q. Lotus Domino supports replication for deployment and management of application and system data. Is this capability available in Lotus Workplace?

Q. Is Lotus Workplace designed to be deployed across a geographically dispersed organisation with dozens or hundreds of locations, or should it be accessed from a single central site?

Q. What Knowledge Management capabilites will Lotus Workplace have?

Q. How do I back up and restore my Lotus Workplace server?

Q. Will Lotus provide tools to migrate all the Lotus Notes mail and calendar information my users currently have into Lotus Workplace?

Q. On which platforms will Lotus Workplace server and Rich Client be supported?

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