Friday, August 22, 2003

Teaching an Old Dog

While I was at Lotus Advisor I also noticed a new article by Gary Devendorf saying that you could create Web Services in 100% Domino (read LotusScript). It is a bit better than the R5 version as you can use a SAX parser to chomp up the incoming SOAP message. However you still manually create the SOAP response - just concatenate these strings.....

Give it up Gary. Domino is never going to do this without a REAL application engine - choose Tomcat or WebSphere. Hand coding SOAP envelopes is just ludicrous.

Oh, and LotusScript is dead too. It is an Old Dog. New tricks are elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Enjoy coding LotusScript in you day job - just don't expect it to be doing it in 5 years time. If you are, you be getting the looks you give those strange TurboPas (or COBOL, or Vax MACRO, or GW-Basic) guys today.

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