Friday, August 01, 2003

Java Server Faces

Java Server Faces is a new technology (currently at EA4 in JWSDP 1.2) that simplifies building users interfaces by adding event-driven components to JSPs. has a couple of useful articles to give a bit more detail:

Introducing JavaServer Faces
With JSF, you use web components on your web pages and capture events caused by user actions...
Developing web applications will be similar to the way we write Swing applications today: dragging and dropping controls and writing event listeners...

Why Web Developers Need JavaServer Faces
JSF prescribes an architecture for projecting the UI to a client and allowing different rendering kits to render the UI for the specific client. The state of the components and their values can be maintained on the server and the UI components can generate events that are handled by the server. JSF also defines functionality for data conversion, validation, and localization.

I had a vague feeling that JSFs will be part of Lotus Workplace (and google remembers, of course). Here is the story from Lotusphere 2003 that mentions JSFs as part of the new RAD Web designer tool. I assume that now means Workplace Designer. Ed?

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