Saturday, August 23, 2003

I got a note from Adam regarding yesterday's Old Dog story. He mentioned that the article is also an attempt to reduce the fear of Web Services - how can they be hard if you can do it in 30 lines of LotusScript. Fair Point. I suppose I never worry about anything new - learning new stuff is why I'm here. (Adam is one of the best developers I have seen - we have cried over the demise of OS/2 over many a beer) .

He also points out that the new world of J2EE is usually more expensive, complex and requires more hardware to run that a Domino-based solution.

Earlier in the week I saw Cringely's Pulpit (also via MacNN) describing a theory that I subscribe to. IT departments are happy to use Microsoft stuff as it creates jobs and therefore increases the size and power of the IT department. You could also think of Law or Accounting - whose interests are served by increasing complexity?

Cringely was talking about IT vs Apple, but I think Notes/Domino can be viewed in a similar way.

Now, IBM are a company that is relying more and more on services revenue, rather than software sales.

If I were a cynic, I'd say it was more than coincidence.

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