Saturday, July 05, 2003


evectors k-collector is another approach to Knowledge Management. It is a server-based shared collection of RSS feeds that can be added to, or categorised, by individuals. This devolves the taxonomy management out to end users, but rules can be applied to manage any chaos that develops.

From Paolo's summary on k-collector:
Our main goal is the development of an enterprise news aggregator that leverages the power of shared topics to present new ways of finding and combining the real knowledge in your organization.
One of the keys of this system is that there are no pre-existing lists of topics that must be set up and configured. Topics get on the server via RSS feeds while users create them, and they are distributed to all other users within the same cloud via TopicRolls.
The basic idea is to allow for topics and posts to somehow self-organize without any top-down design approach (also if rules can be enforced if needed by the system administrator).
evectors also host the ZOË project.

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