Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Ancient Weblog Discovered

I was reading about Personal Knowledge Publishing last night and the article mentioned one of the first hosted blogging sites called A rush of nostalgia flooded me - I spent a week or two fiddling with it, but that was in 1999, surely it would not be there still.

So this morning I fired up the browser and crossed my fingers. After a few guesses at username and password I was in. They sure know about running a reliable system - I haven't logged in in nearly four years.

My original stack (which seems to have been funky, even then) was still there along with an archive from August 1999. The front page indicates that I moved the content to another site called - which has since morphed into something else entirely.

It is a beautifully simple site, the bones of the standard 3 column blog style are there, along with links to long dead dotcom sites. It has a link to the Directory Interoperability Forum (Lotus, IBM, Oracle and Novell) along with a prophetic warning that these consortia don't have a good track record. Never hear of it ? The domain is now parked in limbo.

Things were simpler in those days.
I will keep a copy on this site in this db from now on, just to be on the safe side.

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