Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Lotus domino Toolkit for WebSphere Studio

Shipped on the CD as part of Domino 6.0.2 CF1:

The Lotus Domino Toolkit 1.0 is designed to assist developers in using Domino 6 custom JSP tags. Using the toolkit, major parts of an existing Domino application, for example, forms, views and agents, are exposed in the WebSphere Studio development tool, and can be reused as a starting point for a new Java Server Page running on WebSphere.
The toolkit helps Lotus developers quickly understand and implement the new Domino custom JSP tags that are included with Domino 6 by leveraging their existing development skills. For J2EE developers, the toolkit allows access to the Notes Domino data store, and application features within the context of the J2EE technology.

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