Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Concurrent with the release of Notes/Domino 6.0.2, iNotes Web Access (IWA) introduces a new user interface and many new features, including:

  • A new user interface, including changes to several dialog boxes to more closely match the Notes 6 user interface
  • The ability to specify IWA as your default mail program
  • Name searches based on organizational hierarchy, and the ability to differentiate between two people with the same name
  • Multi-line preference display when an entry list is long
  • Improved Calendaring and Scheduling capabilities, including easier addition of new invitees to a meeting, and support for appointments that span midnight
  • The ability to select the start day of the week, improved support for DST rules, the ability to specify time zones for calendar entries, and the ability to customize the Work Hours preference
  • Support for Client-side generated group calendar views and To-Do charts. The group calendar supports categorized views, including the category by color on the group Calendar chart
  • Expand/collapse default preferences may be set and saved
  • Support for on-line Sametime meetings, the ability for a Chair to view attendee status info, and support for a meetings notices view
  • Better editing abilities, with the ability to edit received/sent mail and received/saved calendar entries, in-line Calendar view editing, and edit undo
  • The ability to create tables and horizontal rules in mail messages
  • Drag-and-drop capability for mail and calendar entries
  • Set default view for mail file open, Reply with History/Forward without attachments, Next/Previous navigation within open mail messages, and rename attachments on download
  • Closing message window after a message is sent to a folder
  • A new server doc configuration setting for a default number of days for offline subscriptions
  • An improved spell-checking interface, including a check of the mail/calendar Subject line
  • The ability to set plain or rich-text formatting preferences
  • Bi-directional language and multilingual template support
  • The DOLS installation supports the proper forms and template version
  • Context-sensitive "follow me" help, and an NSF-based help system

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