Monday, May 19, 2003


clevercactus! is another take on the personal datastore, mail manager, RSS reader, Blog poster and handy-dandy place to search for stuff. It is a java app with a real GUI (instead of browser-based access like ZOË). A Beta is currently available for download and evaluation.
On first impression the GUI makes it feel more responsive and allows for easier config and setup of feeds, mail etc. It happily imported all my saved mail (I use Mahogany to create mbox files from Domino via IMAP - so I can take mail home for
It only seems to have full-text searching - none of the clever indexing and association that I like in ZOË (Ed promises me something sometime ...). However, you can create your own hierarchy of topics and feed mail or RSS into these specifically. I'm currently testing both FreedomBlog and DominoBlog versions of this site and clevercactus happily reads both RSS feeds.

[via Erik's Weblog]

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