Friday, April 11, 2003

Personal Discovery

After using ZOË for a few days and reading a number of other people's thoughts, I think there is a growing move towards this class of tools for "elite knowledge workers" or other smart people. I want a personal Discovery Server that understands my mail, follows my browser, reads RSS feeds and lets me manager a personal taxonomy. In this context a weblog turns into a personal notepad for reference and reflection, some of which turns into the "public" weblog, the rest for intenal consumption only.

NetNewsWire is a slightly different approach, but also targeted at "smart people". I like the way you use it to both read feeds and create your own weblog.

If I were Lotus I'd be thinking about how to get there from here. My feeling is that Discovery Server encapsulates the Lotus/IBM approach - knowledge is owned by, and valuable to an organisation. Contrast this with ZOË and NetNewsWire tools which are aimed at a more personal level. The personal is what Apple and the people that develop on OSX seem to care more about.

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