Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Is AppleUniversal.com a tipping point

It is interesting to read the back and forth over whether Apple has, or has not, made an offer to purchase Universal and/or BMG from Vivendi.

To me this would be a good strategic move, assuming they can afford it. If you put this together with Sony owning CBS, then Apple's action might just become the tipping point to wrest the balance of control of digital media from the big studio/media companies.

Microsoft might feel obliged to then jump on the bandwagon and also buy a media company. All of a sudden, computer companies are in a very strong position to control the music and video "content" that is becoming an increasingly important reason to own, or even more importantly, upgrade a personal computer.

The delivery plumbing for music or video become a service bundled as part of the OS (iTunes or Media Player), and then the only issue becomes figuring out a payment method. Maybe a dotMac account.........

Update - Cringely thinks the opposite. He thinks Steve Jobs couldn't manage all those temperamental artists, given how temperamental he is. He seems to run PIXAR acceptably.

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