Thursday, April 03, 2003

DB2 Backend - not as far away as you think

Yesterday I went to our quarterly Lotus PSP Roundtable Briefing (Hi Anne and Matt) and one of the topics was LEI 6. An interesting new feature is called Virtual documents. These documents reside wholly in an external datastore (such as DB2, SQLServer etc) - but they appear in the database in views and as documents. The end user cannot discern any differences between Virtual and real documents, but turn LEI off and the documents disappear. It also supports Virtual Agents which allow you to run stored procedures in the backend dbms from out in Notes.

It occured to me (and Matt) that it would only be a small step from here to the fabled Domino 7 DB2 backend. You'd just have to smooth over the installation and administration interface, but all the hard stuff seems to be done.

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