Thursday, February 20, 2003

Cool stuff in R6.0 and 6.0.1

We have been looking into our R6 upgrade and have found a few cool things. We'll be doing servers first, then clients.

Router rules - you can add rules to the Server Config document to tell the router to journal messages off to a separate database. "All of the messages" is an option. There is a Mail Journal template (mailjrn.ntf) to use as a destination and you can specify either local or remote (mail-in DB) logging. Purging/Rollover settings for the Journalling DB are also configurable.
Shared Templates - got bazillions of databases all using the one template - like mail? Tell them all to share one template and save 10Mb per database instance.
SmartUpgrade - set up a Smart Upgrade Kits database (smupgrade.ntf) and then create Upgrade Kit documents. Each Kit is a document that can either have an installer attached or specified as a filesystem location. Kit is targeted by localisation and platform and can be applied by policy.
Activity Logging - Choose what activities you want logged, data is recorded in log.nsf and you can then run a Log Analysis to report on activity. This is separate from Billing.
Bandwidth Reduction - our tests show 50% decrease in traffic for server to server replication across the WAN.
We still have to look into the Roaming User features and have not even started on Policies.

The new 6.0.1 NAB (yeh, yeh, Domino Directory) is very pretty - the nav looks like the admin tool.

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