Tuesday, February 11, 2003

and now for something completely different

This is a bit off-topic if you expect nothing more than Domino and Tech stuff from me. Therefore I offer some advice for you - When you least expect it - expect it.

Man Made Gods is worth a read at The Philosophers Magazine. It fits neatly with the section of Exploring Philosophy regarding philosophical approaches to religion and god that I was reading on the weekend. I fall fully into the 'how can you believe in a concept that actively avoids any form of rational proof' camp. The first paragraph jumps right in :

There is a man who believes that 'it's obvious that gods embody cultural values and ideals' and that 'belief in a superior, invisible order of reality' doesn't make sense. He doesn't 'think any religious beliefs are literally true' and is 'inclined to think now that we've probably got to drop the word [God].' To round things off, he also does not believe religion is necessary.

[via Sci-Tech Daily link to this article - written by Julian Baggini who founded and writes for The Philosophers Magazine]
The site offers a great deal of interesting reading, as well as items for sale. For example, there is a more detailed discussion of the topic above in the book - The God of Philosophy. Chapter One in PDF is available online as an enticement to buy the whole book.

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