Thursday, February 27, 2003

All roads lead to Tatooine

Another Space-themed entry - will get back to Domino, I promise. The trail started with spambots and ended at Astromech droids in Star Wars (fourth draft of the screenplay - interesting different to the final product). There are lots more scripts at this site - for educational purposes only it says.

No need to ever misquote a line again. Need to check on the spelling of womp rats? Need to compare this list of Chewbacca's dialogue with the real thing? Sorry, the script is less specific, "Chewbacca growls in agreement" is all the direction he gets.
All episodes are there - I, II, IV, V, VI.
[via Daring Fireball, via Ben Poole and Mark Pilgrim]

Farewell to Pioneer 10

BBC News reports the NASA has received its last transmission from Pioneer 10. It is now over 82 AU away, nearly 12.2 Billion km. It was launched in 1972 for a 21 month mission. Press Release from Ames Reseach Center.
Pioneer 10 mission details from NASA NSSDC.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Stromlo Telescopes in QTVR

BoingBoing has a story linking to some QuicktimeVRs of the Telescopes destroyed in the fires last month taken by Peter Murphy. VRs are here, here, and here.
We were last there in December for lunch. I could never resist the tour, so we went once again. For the last time, it seems.

Introvert Husbandry

Caring for Your Introvert by Jonathan Rauch in The Atlantic.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

SonyEricsson Clicker

Sony Ericsson Clicker by Jonas Salling.
I know you have already seen this mentioned in a dozen different places today, but that does not make it any less groovy.

XML References

I have been doing a bit more housekeeping. Here is a collection of some general XML references found over the last few months.
Transforming XML (Column)
IBM developerWorks XML
The Annotated XML 1.0 Specification
XML Bible - Schemas
XML Bible - XSL Formatting Objects
XML developer news from XMLhack

I have also found the O'Reilly book Java and XML a great starter.

McSweeney's Lists

Timothy McSweeney's Lists - today's dose of levity.
[via Ned Batchelder]

Monday, February 24, 2003

HPIJS for Mac OS X

The HPIJS driver is the first free, open-source driver issued by HP for their DeskJet and LaserJet printers. For most supported printers, this driver produces output quality equivalent to the proprietary HP drivers. In photo mode, with photo paper, the output quality is very high, especially for the HP DeskJet 990C and later models, which auto-detect the paper type in hardware. Photo printing is fully supported in the newer 6- and 7-ink models.
via Brian Jepson

O'Reilly MacDevCenter

This site is chock full of useful info to enable you to use and manage Mac OS X more effectively. It has been on my list of regular visits since I upgraded my G4 at home to OS X. If you haven't yet visited, do yourself a favour and dig right in. Here are a few recent articles to give you a flavour of what is available.

Securing Your TiBook
X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
Apache and Web Serving - Article Collection
Six Great Tips for Homemade Dot Mac Servers
Configuring Jaguar's Firewall
Configuring sendmail on Jaguar

There are heaps of others, as well as info and samples of the growing range of O'Reilly Mac OS X Books. It is really helpful to be able to get a feel for the book before going out and purchasing them.
There are also a lot of articles on development and Java, which lead nicely into O'Reilly's

I almost forgot Using Tomcat - everyone's favourite up-to-date servlet container.

Friday, February 21, 2003

More Gadget Stuff

Russell Beattie Notebook is a great read on gadgets, mobiles and also includes the odd word on Mobile Java. Cool links like Gizmodo, AllAboutSymbian and MMSMemo too.

Apparently Useless Software

More fun today from PerversionTracker. Reviews of software with nary a single word of praise. If you can be bothered looking for the very worst of Mac software - fear not - they are doing it for you.
[via Forwarding Address: OS X]

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Cool stuff in R6.0 and 6.0.1

We have been looking into our R6 upgrade and have found a few cool things. We'll be doing servers first, then clients.

Router rules - you can add rules to the Server Config document to tell the router to journal messages off to a separate database. "All of the messages" is an option. There is a Mail Journal template (mailjrn.ntf) to use as a destination and you can specify either local or remote (mail-in DB) logging. Purging/Rollover settings for the Journalling DB are also configurable.
Shared Templates - got bazillions of databases all using the one template - like mail? Tell them all to share one template and save 10Mb per database instance.
SmartUpgrade - set up a Smart Upgrade Kits database (smupgrade.ntf) and then create Upgrade Kit documents. Each Kit is a document that can either have an installer attached or specified as a filesystem location. Kit is targeted by localisation and platform and can be applied by policy.
Activity Logging - Choose what activities you want logged, data is recorded in log.nsf and you can then run a Log Analysis to report on activity. This is separate from Billing.
Bandwidth Reduction - our tests show 50% decrease in traffic for server to server replication across the WAN.
We still have to look into the Roaming User features and have not even started on Policies.

The new 6.0.1 NAB (yeh, yeh, Domino Directory) is very pretty - the nav looks like the admin tool.

Advice to Microsoft

Microsoft and the Commoditization of Software by David Stutz.
via John Udell

Schrodinger's Iraq

Go read this now - The Morning News - Schrodinger's Iraq. You'll laugh, I guarantee it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The Future, little by little

Last Sunday, while driving back from my cousin's wedding in Sydney, I saw a number of those big traffic signs that are connected to some magical system somewhere and report of traffic conditions and possible delays. Nothing tricky so far. There were no traffic dramas to report, so the signs all simply said "Please report any traffic problems on 13xxxx".

It took a few seconds to sink in, and then I realised that the underlying assumption was that most cars would contain a mobile phone.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Domino Java code references

I have a very bad memory and hate forgetting where I saw some code or tip. So, these are some sites and samples of Java code written for Domino that I have found. They are very helpful in getting up to speed writing Java for Domino. It is not a complete list, but a start. - Mike also has some good XML examples too Java Tips



Lotus/IBM Resources:
Domino development with servlets

Creating servlets with Visual Age

RedBook - Using Visual Age to develop Domino applications

Got a mail from Steve Castledine - he has some good stuff on java coding at ProjectDX - so he's on my list too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Today is Darwin Day

Darwin Day is February 12th, the date of birth of Charles Darwin in the year 1809, at Shrewsbury, England. On this date, and throughout the month, people from all over the world are honoring the life, work and influence of Charles Darwin with events and activities which celebrate humanity and the science in our lives.
You could always go buy a fish to celebrate.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Crick and Watson's publication on the discovery of the shape and behaviour of DNA.

Settled once and for all

The Universe will expand for ever, at an ever-increasing rate, Nasa scientists are to announce. Glad that is settled. No more steady-state limbo or big crunch to be afraid of.
All they had to do was measure temperature differences (down to millionths of degrees) in the Cosmic Background Radiation.

CNN also has the story. Along with this useful info:

The universe formed about 13.7 billion years ago, give or take about 200 million years.

Only about 4 percent of the universe is composed of atoms -- the "ordinary matter" making up the physical universe we know. About 23 percent is "cold, dark matter," about which scientists know little, and 73 percent is "exotic dark energy," about which they know even less

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Java Server Add-in for Domino

Whenever I go looking for this stuff I can never remember where I found it. So, if I keep a link here I'll never have to scratch my head again. nsftools has a great selection of java tips including Java Server Addins for Domino. We are using these in production in conjuction with Servlets. I had to find the link again for another developer to create another addin.
Thanks Julian!

and now for something completely different

This is a bit off-topic if you expect nothing more than Domino and Tech stuff from me. Therefore I offer some advice for you - When you least expect it - expect it.

Man Made Gods is worth a read at The Philosophers Magazine. It fits neatly with the section of Exploring Philosophy regarding philosophical approaches to religion and god that I was reading on the weekend. I fall fully into the 'how can you believe in a concept that actively avoids any form of rational proof' camp. The first paragraph jumps right in :

There is a man who believes that 'it's obvious that gods embody cultural values and ideals' and that 'belief in a superior, invisible order of reality' doesn't make sense. He doesn't 'think any religious beliefs are literally true' and is 'inclined to think now that we've probably got to drop the word [God].' To round things off, he also does not believe religion is necessary.

[via Sci-Tech Daily link to this article - written by Julian Baggini who founded and writes for The Philosophers Magazine]
The site offers a great deal of interesting reading, as well as items for sale. For example, there is a more detailed discussion of the topic above in the book - The God of Philosophy. Chapter One in PDF is available online as an enticement to buy the whole book.

Remote Desktop

Julian Robichaux is looking at Windows Remote Desktop Client tools for Linux. Unlikely as it may seem, Microsoft produce a RDC for Mac OS X. You can get it here.

The Same, but different

This beautiful snippet from Ned Batchelder - Life in the 21st Century.

My daughter Anneke is 9 and has been keeping her diary and contacts using Palm Desktop on the G4 at home. I can't imagine having this sort of information from my childhood - she won't even consider the question.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Cadenza mNotes

Cadenza mNotes from CommonTime. This tool does sync from Notes to Palm or PPC. There is a 30 day eval available - I'm downloading it now and will write up a summary of my experiences. They also have mobile forms tools - mForms - alas only for PPC. Via Henning Heinz.

I remember testing and then buying the original BETA for my trusty old Newton MP 2000. It was cool - and worked. The kids still use the MP23000 for drawing. I also have MacinTalk for it and Josh loves to write words and hear it speak them. He wants to know why my M515 can't talk or read my writing - what can I say.


The right ones in the right order via dive into mark.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Poetry for Programmers

I came across The Devil's Netiquette a while ago and was reminded of it today by some tangential comments. See the rest of Verity Stob's Column for more amusement.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Migration Tool

Someone sent me a link to this tool - Migration Pro for 6

Migration Pro for 6 is a Notes 5.0 database that helps organizations plan for and execute migration to Lotus Notes and Domino 6. It contains a unique and powerful collection of processes, procedures, checklists, databases, and best practices, and is designed to help organizations implement the most cost-effective migration possible.

Cost is about AUD$2000 or US$1000.

Product is developed by They have a demo version available for download. The demo contains lots of useful references to existing ND6 and migration information from LDD.

Everybody is doing it

Which OS are You? Which OS are You?

I want my money back!

At least I'm not ....... Which OS are You?

See here for other choices.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Over it

OK - enough navel gazing on strategy, directions, J2EE and the like.

The world is always complex.

There are always choices.

Get the smartest people you can. Give them time. Let them think. Trust them. And just do it.