Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Preemptive Punditry

Dont you just hate it! I have been trying to finish some thoughts on what might appear at Lotusphere next week, and before I can finish, the professional pundits are at it.
Go read them and see what you think.

Here is eWeek's sneak preview at two technologies hinted at in the August 2002 Roadmap. One is to allow Websphere AppDev Studio to easily incorporate Domino forms and views into JSPs. This can't be hard - the design elements are easily accessible via XML - some transforms to JSP and you are done. The other is to generate J2EE deliverable design out of Domino Designer - sounds much cooler. Not sure that the comparison of Notes/Domino to cc:Mail and OS/2 helped.
The roadmap also hinted at a separate new RAD tool, neither Designer not WSAD. We'll just have to wait and see whether this comes to fruition - and on what platforms.

CRN mentions iNotes support for Mozilla 1.01/Netscape 7 on Linux.

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