Monday, January 06, 2003

Pepys again

The item on Pepys' Diary last week reminded me that I had got most, but not all, of the way through "The Shorter Pepys" a few years ago. It was interesting at first, to see how life was lived in 1660 in London. But the interest waned after bearing with too many chines of beef, barrels of oysters and dishes of anchoves. No wonder he had to reform his diet half way through.
The other interesting revelation was the fluid way he switched from work-related to personal tasks and back again many times during the day. Most people I know tend to have much more cleary separated work and personal lives and don't tend to switch between them with the ease of Samuel Pepys. Or is it just thay my job is currently 9-5 at the one location and Samuel would be some form of executive consultant flitting between meetings at various corporate clients and having more Frequent Flyer points than he knew what to do with.

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