Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Nomenclature and meaning

A number of other folks have noted that Lotus have made an announcement informing us that during this quarter a number of products will get re-branded. I don't care for the term "Brand", it always brings to mind a hot piece of metal and a cow in much distress!

Notes and Domino continue on oblivious.
Quickplace is now IBM Lotus Team Workplace.
Sametime is now two products - IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and IBM Lotus Web Conferencing.

It is interesting to read the supplied PDF and it tells more by what it doesn't say than what it does.

There are a number of products that have yet to acquire a new name including the following:

Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server
Sametime Everyplace
Domino Everyplace
EasySync Pro

I expect that these products will shortly move on to greener pastures in perhaps different corners of IBM's software universe. All the Everyplace and sync stuff will most likely end up with Websphere, but who knows what will happen to Domino.Doc.
I'm sure we'll find out next week.

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