Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Lotusphere 2003 - the end of the world as we know it

Well, time to sift through the LS2003 press releases and see where we are heading.

nextgen Strategy - use J2EE it is nimble, timely. Better yet - Instead of rebuilding the fundamentals every time we need to produce something new, we have a base to begin with in WebSphere, DB2 and Tivoli.

Low cost e-mail strategy - Domino too hard? Let's use WebSphere and DB2 to make it easier to manage and deploy. Word of the day is Portlet - remember that now.

Learning Management System - Nobody cares about this stuff, never have, never will (HR don't count - they are not people). Only interesting fact is - guess what - it is built on WebSphere and DB2. Notice any theme yet ?

Lotus Domino Toolkit for WebSphere Studio - Go buy WSAD now everyone, you'll need it. To quote from the press release ..... and will guide its loyal Lotus developer community into the land of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

Portals - Sametime and Quickplace reborn as Portlets.

Domino 6.0.2 will deliver the "Lotus Domino Toolkit for WebSphere Studio".

There will not be a separate RAD tool (as described in the August 2002 roadmap). Instead - is our intention to make WebSphere as easy to develop for as Domino is. WebSphere studio will morph from a pure J2EE/JSP/Servlet tool into a tool more accessible to web developers. It will sport a simplfied UI, Easy connection to data sources and a palette of visual control to drag/drop. Technology called Java Server Faces will be the basis for the new development paradigm.

Anything you don't understand ?

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