Thursday, January 30, 2003

Lotus Domino Toolkit for Websphere Studio

I have just been having a quick play with the BETA version of this product (anyone have a sensible acronym yet?). It is a pretty simple add-on to WSAD that allows you to browse to a Domino server and select design elements for inclusion in a JSP page. You can include Forms, Views and Agents.
It also adds some project templates that include the Domino JSP Tag Libraries (domtags and domutil) by default, so a new project with all the right includes is trivial to create.

And here is a picture boys and girls. It shows the WASD view for browsing Domino design elements.
You right-click on the element you want and choose "Add Form/View to Web Page" and the appropriate code is inserted in the JSP you are editing.
There is not much more to it than that. There are two samples, but I could only get the trivial one working. It demonstrated loggin on and establishing a session. Help is included - this is where I pinched the above picture from.
After that you are on your own with JSP.

And just so you don't ask, it will not work with Eclipse - it needs some of the WSAD components to operate - pity.

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