Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Corporate-wide mail distribution

Dec's Domino Blog has this tip on managing access to corporate-wide email groups.

Our approach here is a bit different.
We have set up a number of mail-in database addresses that all point to one mail-in database.
These addresses are in a similar form to our standard mail group names.
The database has a profile for each address which defines who is allowed to send to it. It also has a list of destination mail servers.
An agent reads incoming messages, checks the sender is approved to send message to destination group and sends a message to every mail user on the destination servers.

Our infrastructure is designed around a single mail cluster for each site - usually two servers, three for central office. The database is located centrally as messages are only ever sent outwards. Note that each site has its own "all at this location" mail group that is maintained automatically as mentioned in a previous post.

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