Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Apple AirPort Weblog

Apple AirPort Weblog discusses the News and tips related to the Apple AirPort networking system and other wireless uses of the Mac OS. It includes this great summary of the current state of 802.11g and Apple's AirPort Extreme gear and other interesting snippets like this:

Apple couldn't just plug Bluetooth in as an option to existing systems, though, for the same reason they couldn't just add AirPort Extreme. Because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi/AirPort share the 2.4 GHz spectrum, Apple had to coordinate the two wireless systems. Their two-antenna design in the big and little aluminum PowerBook G4s uses diversity in two ways: one antenna can be dedicated to Bluetooth and the other to AirPort, or both can be used by either system depending on need. The antenna selection is automatic.
Antenna diversity, or using multiple antennas to send and receive signals, can help sort out signal reflection because two antennas will receive signals at slightly different intervals, allowing better cancellation.

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