Monday, September 30, 2002

Simplified JSP Development

Simplified JSP Development is a new tutorial at Lotus Dev Domain on the new JSP Tag Libraries available with Domino 6. The tutorial is broken at the moment, but assume it will get fixed when the US of A wakes up.

The first paragraph states:
Do you need the powerful collaborative features that Lotus Domino provides, such as industrial-strength messaging, interactive applications, secured access, workflow, and content management? Do you also want to take advantage of J2EE applications and the object-oriented, portable, multi-threading capabilities they provide? You can have it all with JavaServer Pages (JSPs) technology. The latest release of Lotus Domino -- version 6 -- provides custom tag libraries that make it easier to build JSP pages that allow you to access, update, create, and delete information in Lotus Domino.

Lotus Notes and Domino (the tutorial uses version 6)
Application Developer configuration of WebSphere Studio (4.0 or higher)
WebSphere Application Server (4.0)

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